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We work with our customers to provide quality, cost effective design and manufacturing of plastic products. Successful product manufacturing starts with designing and creating a production mold.  We work directly with our customers throughout product design and mold creation to ensure quality manufacturing. 

Custom Design & Prototyping -  Form Tooling & Cutting Fixtures - Materials - New Processes – Thermoformed Foam


Using vacuum forming, Gruber Industries makes a variety of custom acoustical panels.


Using vacuum forming, Gruber Industries makes a variety of custom trays and clamshell packaging.

From initial concept to finished product, we provide project development support to help integrate new product solutions for our customers.  If you are a small business or entrepreneur with a new product idea you will find us both capable and receptive to your needs.  We have a proven track record and are one of the few companies providing this service in the Western Pennsylvania and Tri State area.   



In addition to standard machining and fabrication services, we regularly produce tooling for a variety of plastic forming processes.  Our fully equipped wood pattern shop is capable of producing thermoforming patterns of all sizes.  Our machine shop is used to build, modify, and repair metal tooling, but also provides high-precision finishing services to our thermoforming customers.

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